Walking in DRESDEN / Germany 🇩🇪

Rainy Afternoon in the Old Town (2020)

Dresden / Germany is one of the main tourist destinations in Germany. As the capital of the state of Saxony it has several historical attractions that we visit regularly on POPtravel.

We start our Dresden Tour at the Brühl’s Terrace. It’s a relaxing day on a weekend where people enjoy a stroll. We get to the Schlossplatz and also se the Fürstenzug, which is a large mural of the past rulers of Saxony.

As we head to the Altmarkt the weather turns a bit rainy. We get to the Neumarkt with the famous Frauenkirche and see the Terassenufer. Now the rain starts, the videos stops a bit while I’m getting an umbrella out.

Some sights are still left to see as we head back into the old town. The Semperoper and the Zwinger are a must when tourists visit Dresden. We see both and head towards the Postplatz, where we end this tour.

0:00 Brühl’s Terrace (Brühlsche Terrasse)
6:00 Schlossplatz & Fürstenzug
10:00 Schloßstraße
13:00 Altmarkt
14:00 Towards the Neumarkt
15:00 Neumarkt / Frauenkirche
19:00 Terassenufer
21:00 Back into Old Town
23:30 Semperoper
27:00 Dresdner Zwinger
30:00 Postplatz

Filmed in September 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1