IZMIR, Turkey 🇹🇷

Sunset Walk

Izmir is a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast and the third most populous city in Turkey (after Istanbul and Ankara). The city was founded by the Greeks, taken over by the Romans and rebuilt by Alexander the Great before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

We start our walking tour Konak with the iconic clock tower and walk through the bazaar from there. Along the Aegean sea we enjoy the sunset, passing the ferry terminal all along on Atatürk Cd.. Further on we go checking out some residential areas now in the Alsancak district before we finish our tour on the walking streets like Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cd..

For a walk from Alsancak to the Konak square

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0:00 Route Preview
2:00 Konak Square
7:00 Kemeraltı Bazaar
25:00 Atatürk Cd.
39:00 Residential Area in Alsancak
48:00 Gündoğdu Square
53:45 Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cd.

Filmed in October 2022

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1n