FIRA (Santorini), Greece 🇬🇷

Fira is the capital of Santorini, the famous Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Santorini is known for its white-washed buildings. Here in Fira we experience narrow streets and stunning views of the sea as several walks here on the channel show.

On this walking tour we start near the Three Bells of Fira, a Greek Catholic church. We walk around, enjoy the views and have a stroll along shops selling local crafts. Some people dine in cliffside restaurants, which are also nice enjoy the sunsets as we did on other Santorini walks of Oia and beyond here on POPtravel .

The town of Fira is well-connected to other parts of Santorini via public transport, making it a good base for exploring the island. So we also get there to the main bus station to take a bus to other parts of Santorini and end our walking tour.

Filmed in October 2021

Camera: DJI Pocket 2 in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1