Walking in FREISING / Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Freising / Germany is a town in Bavaria, located North of Munich close to the Munich airport. The city is also known for housing a campus of Munich University for brewery courses. The nearby Weihenstephan brewery was founded in 1040 and is the oldest one in the world.

We start out tour on an October day at the town square with town hall and St. George’s Church. We have a look inside the church and then walk on the main street towards the east.

After the Angerbaderstreet we check out some streets north of the central main street and soon also south of that street. We are well on our way to the Domberg, a hill with the Freising Cathedral.

It only takes us a few minutes to get up the hill. A bit out of breath we visit the Freising Cathedral (Dom St. Maria und St. Korbinian) and enjoy a view from the Domberg Observation platform (Aussichtsplattform Domberg).

It’s time to go down the the town again. We get to the town square once again and check out the western part of the main street (Obere Haupstraße) before we end our tour.

Note: during my visit a bit of construction happened in the center so the walk is a bit cut short though should still give a good impression of this rather typical Bavarian town.

0:00 Town square with town hall and St. George’s Church
2:00 Inside the St. George’s Church
3:00 Freising Main Street
8:30 Angerbadergasse and Street
10:00 Getting to the northern town
14:30 Getting to the southern town
16:00 Domberg
19:00 Freising Cathedral (Dom St. Maria und St. Korbinian)
23:30 Domberg Observation platform (Aussichtsplattform Domberg)
26:00 Back to the Town Center
30:00 Back at the Town Square
30:45 Upper Main Street

Filmed in October 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1