Walking in ODESA (ODESSA) / Ukraine 🇺🇦

Center to Privoz Market (2020)

Odesa (ukr: Оде́са / Odessa ru: Оде́сса) in southern Ukraine is known to be summer destination Ukrainians and tourists from around the Black Sea. The most popular location then is Arcadia and other beach areas along the Black Sea where there are several walks on this channel.

This time we are here during winter for a tour around the city center where we start at one of the main sights: Potemkin Stairs (Потьомкінські сходи).

We head towards the Odessa City Hall and Opera next before seeing more of the city center. The main walking street is Derybasivska Street which we walk till the city park.

We continue towards the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral and then head south the the Galeria Afina (ТЦ “Галерея Афина”) shopping mall.

It’s a long way south towards the Privoz market that we reach after 38'. There we see much of the market area before we head towards our last destination, which is the staring point of many local tourists coming to Odesa: the train station.

At the Odesa train station we end our winter tour.

Filmed in January 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1