Walking in CHISINAU / Moldova 🇲🇩

Chișinău is the capital the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is a small, landlocked European country near Ukraine and Romania.

Moldova and Chisinau is on very few tourist maps - another walk on a different route is on this channel:

With the proximity near Odesa / Ukraine the city of Chisinau is sometimes on the way for trips to Romania or some of the more “different” places in Europe like Tiraspol or Bender.

We start our tour (in February 2020) at the Cathedral Park and see the main sights there with the Cathedral and Triumphal Arch.

We make a round through the “Stephen the Great” park and see the walking street “Eugen Doga” which has a few restaurants.

As we head back up to the city center we walk down the main street Stephen the Great Boulevard, see some art market and finally the central market. Now we are rather South-East of the city center. On our way back we pass the military museum and eventually get back where we started.

0:00 Cathedral Park
3:40 The Triumphal Arch
5:00 Stephen the Great Boulevard
7:00 Stephen the Great Central Park
12:00 Strada Mitropolit Gavriil Bănulescu-Bodoni
15:00 Strada Columna
16:20 Strada Eugen Doga
21:30 Back to the Park and City Center
27:00 Sun City Mall
28:00 Alexander Pushkin Street
30:30 Stephen the Great Boulevard South-West Direction
40:00 Central Market (Piata Centrala)
52:00 South-Eastern City Center
54:30 Returning North-East
59:30 Military Museum (Muzeul Militar)
1:02:30 Street of 31 August 1989
1:05:00 Armeneasca Street
1:08:00 Stephen the Great Boulevard back North-West Direction
1:14:30 Back at Stephen the Great Central Park and Triumphal Arch

Filmed in February 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1