Walking in MARBELLA / Spain 🇪🇸

Marbella is a Andalusian city on Spain’s Costa del Sol. There are sandy Mediterranean beaches with resorts around the city which makes it also a popular place for retirees.

We start our evening tour at the Playa de Venus which is the closest beach near the city centre. We walk up to the Avenida del Mar Walkway which has Dali sculptures on display.

Soon we are at Alameda Park (Parque de la Alameda) with some nice benches with tiles showing the Marbella and Andalusian history.

In the old town we see many of the smaller side streets as well as sights of Marbella like the Plaza de los Naranjos, the church La Encarnación and old castle walls (Muralla del Castillo).

We even get a bit outside of the old town a few times. On our way back to the centre make a stop at the chapel “Ermita del Santo Cristo de Marbella”. The atmosphere is relaxed on this winter day. We head back to the town hall at the Plaza de los Naranjos where we end this walk.

Filmed in March 2020

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1