Walking in ISTANBUL / Turkey 🇹🇷

Night Tour to Karaköy

Istanbul / Turkey has several interesting districts that we visit here on the channel. We visit Karaköy: , Sulthanahmed and even the Asian side Kadıköy

On this walk we start in are in Fındıkzade away from the touristic centre. We walk East along the tram line with Haseki, Yusufpaşa and to the Murat Pasha Mosque at Aksaray.

We continue to Laleli - Üniversite and Beyazıt. We reach Çemberlitaş and the touristic centre of Sultanahmet. From there we head to the Gülhane Park which is a historical is the oldest park Istanbul at night.

The Gülhane Park is expansive so we jog down to Kennedy Avenue and the water. Once we reach the ferry terminals we see the Galata Bridge. We cross the bridge to Karaköy with the many cafés, restaurants and bars that are now busy at night.

There in the lively Karaköy district we walk around a bit and end our night tour in Instanbul.

0:00 Fındıkzade
14:50 Aksaray
25:00 Beyazıt
38:25 Gülhane Park
51:25 Sirkeci Ferry Terminals
56:00 Galata Bridge
1:01:00 Karaköy

Filmed in August 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1