Walking in HAT YAI / Thailand 🇹🇭

Hat Yai is a city in southern Thailand’s near the Malaysian border. Most tourists come from Malaysia to Hat Yai for shopping. Western tourists mostly skip Hat Yai to continue towards Penang and other destinations in Malaysia.

We start our walking tour South of the city centre on a typical street (Niphatuthit 3). As we enter the centre the density of shop increases. We continue towards the West and check out the railway station “Hat Yai Junction” before returning towards the centre again for more of an evening atmosphere.

People are out for dinner and shopping so we also wander our street stalls and malls. The temperatures get more comfortable in the evening with busy streets. We see a bit of residential areas before we end this walk through this Thai city.

Filmed in April 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1