Walking in GHENT / Belgium 🇧🇪

The city of Ghent in Belgium is one of the prettiest cities of the country, sometimes refered as the “Gem of Belgium”. With its central location in Flanders it is a short train ride away from Brussels or Brugges making it an easy day trip.

We start this afternoon walk at the Ghent City Hall from where we explore the inner city. The water channels around the old town carry touists boats. We walk to the Gravensteen, the 10th-century moated castle. We walk all around the tourist area, go to the Leie river channels for a view of the fairy tale cityscape with the 15th and 16th century architecture. We also quickly check the Saint Nicholas' Church inside on our way back to the starting point.

Note: The video was uploaded as 4K60 yet only shows up on YouTube at 1080p60 max. I messages YouTube support and will see if it gets fix that at some point.

Filmed in June 2019

Camera: Osmo Pocket in 4K60
Mic: Zoom H1